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August 13, 2010Wordpress41 Comments

Twitter has now officially released a new Tweet Button which shows a count of the number of times your post was shared on twitter . The button comes in three styles and has a new URL shortener(

If you are having a wordpress blog, then you can easily add the tweet button to your blog using the WordPress Tweet Button Plugin.

Upload the WP-TweetButton plugin to your blog, Activate it, and configure it from the TweetButton Menu in your WordPress Dashboard.wee
Here is a screenshot of the Configuration page.

= Features =
* Live count of tweets from Twitter
* Allows you to change the source which you retweet, E.g. “RT @yourname” or “via @yourname”
* Allows you to change the syntax of your tweet Eg:<Tweet Text> <short link> via @yourname,RT @yourname <Tweet Text> <short link>
* Allows you to add post categories and tags as hash tags in your tweets
* Allow you to set the type of the Tweet Counter(Vertical,Horizontal or none)
* Allows you to set the language of the button
* Allows you to recommend a second twitter account
* Allows you to add CSS styles
* Automatically adds the tweet button without the need of any template modification
* Allows further customization and Manual code insertion into the template
* Allows you manually to add a text link to tweet your posts
* Allows you to use the categories and tags of the post as hash tags in your tweet
* Use the post author’s twitter profile on his posts using %post_author% and %post_author_bio%
The plugin is capable of automatically inserting the Tweet button on all of your posts. But if you need to have more control over where the tweet button is placed, then choose the “Manually add the Function Call to the Template” option from your Tweet Button Configuration Page. Now edit your template and add the following code wher you want the tweet button to appear.

<?php if(function_exists('the_tweetbutton')) the_tweetbutton();?>

If you dont need the counter, and want to create a Text Link to share the item, then you can use the_tweetlink() function

Eg:The code below will output a simple text link to share your posts

<a href="<?php the_tweetlink();?>" title="Tweet" target="_blank">Tweet This</a>

Download The WP-TweetButton Plugin from the WP Plugin Directory

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41 Responses to “Twitter Tweet Button Plugin for Wordpres with #Hashtags”
  1. Darryl says:

    Great plugin, thanks, will be adding it to all my blogs!

  2. Lea says:

    Thanks for the plugin. Works perfectly. Retweeted ofc ;-)

  3. Mike says:

    It works great, thanks. But is there any way to use my bitly account instead of

  4. Mike says: says you can, but I don’t quite have the technical ability to translate these instructions:

  5. Thomas says:

    The latest plugin on WordPress has a problem. For installation I needed to copy the files from the “trunk-folder” one level up. Before I couldn’t aktivate the plugin in WP3.0. After that, everthing worked perfect. Thanks a lot for your job.

  6. Mic says:


    Installed the plugin a couple of days ago – love it.
    However, I was told there was an update today when logged into blog admin. I downloaded the new version and overwrote what was on the server, and now the plugin has disappeared from the my plugin list – any ideas?

    I’ve tried totally removing the plugin files/folders from my list and re-installing from scratch but no joy.
    Any help would be great thanks!

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  8. Tino says:

    I installed the plugin. I use “SthBlue” theme. The installation went succesful, I can change the settings in the wp-admin interface, but the button is not showing up. I disabled tweetmeme plugin which is also a tweet / retweet button, but that didn’t make any difference. Is there something specific I need to do to get it working? I have tried “before” and “after” setting, no button to be found though.

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  10. Karl-Heint says:

    Thanks for the great Plugin! Will you integrate “Recommend Post Author” in the next version?

    • Coder says:

      working on it .will be present in the next commit :)

    • Coder says:

      now the latest version has the ability to recommend the post author’s twitter profile using %post_author% and %post_author_bio% (if he has filled in the twitter details in his profile) :) its there in v1.7 and above. You will find a Plugin Upgrade in your WP Dashboard

  11. BrianChicago76 says:

    Hi. Great plugin. This might sound funny, but is there any way to either disable the inclusion of the shortened URL in the RT… or customize the URL to another site? I am iFraming my site (with the share button) into another site — a forced workaround. But when a user Tweets it, it needs to link the URL of the parent page. I included a pre-shortened bitly URL for the parent page in the text, which works, but the plugin currently auto-adds its own short URL for my page too.

    Thanks for your input!

  12. Maciej says:

    Installed and deinstalled right after – it doesn’t have an option to display tweet button on single posts only, instead of posts AND lists (ie home page)? Or was I just blind? ;-)

    • Coder says:

      it had an option “Only on Posts” but it had a bug. Fixed it in the latest release. Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version v1.7.2

  13. Tanin says:

    Please change the name to its assigned value “WP-TweetButton”. It causes confusion with the original “WP Tweet Button” plugin seen here

    • Coder says:

      i have been using the name WP-TweetButton, in the plugin read me and everywhere else..which name are you referring to ?

      • Tanin says:

        It was one of your tweets that was being retweeted. For a moment I had no idea why tweets about WP Tweet Button were linking to this page.

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  15. Linda says:

    Great plug in but I can’t get my profilepage to ‘save’ my Twitter User name? It still say’s I am ‘@array’. But I’m not… (really!).

    What am I missing here? Chmodd thingy or something else?

    Hope somebody will help me!


  16. Alex says:

    how to place this plugin in single post / page?

  17. Aron says:

    I love the plugin, however, I noticed that one day the button will show 3 or 4 tweets, and the next day it shows 0.

    In fact here is a screen shot of the tweet button on my site showing 100k+ tweets ,then 2 days later it show 3 tweets?

    Any ideas as to why this might be happening.

    Thanks for you help

  18. Tron says:

    I really like the button, however now all the buttons show 100K+

    Whats up with that?

  19. Tijmen says:


    I don’t seem to be able to get the right count image when I use the vertical count, its shows the small horizontal image while it should show the larger vertical image. I found that in the src of the iframe it does say count=vertical, but then the body has a class hcount, if I change that in firebug to vcount then its fine. But it should use the right body class byitself :) I tried to reinstall the plugin but that didn’t have any effect at all. I’m using wordpress 3.0.1.

    I tried to change this line in the code
    $style=get_option(‘tweetbutton_style’); to $style=”vertical”, but the body class hcount instead of vcount. I don’t mind hardcoding it, but I haven’t found the right place to do it .

    And idea how to get it to work so that it shows the right image?

    Thanks :)

  20. Imogen says:

    Tried your TweetButton, using the verticle format which shows a count of tweets. Was working for 2 months, until the counter suddenly disappeared yesterday. Not sure what’s going on there! Nothing’s changed as far as I can tell – I’m using the latest version of WordPress.

    Please tell me how I can fix this! Is this a known bug and if so, can I have the cure?

    • Coder says:

      its not an issue with the plugin. The tweet button on all websites are behaving indifferently. Even has now got the countless tweet buttons. Hope that twitter will fix it soon.

  21. Chris says:

    I’ve installed your plugin but receive the following error, “‘url’ parameter does not contain a valid URL.” when clicking on the Tweet button. Please can you take a look at and let me know if you have any ideas on how to resolve?

  22. Edwin says:

    Will this work with pro, so that it gives my own domain as short-url?

  23. Patrick says:

    Thanks for creating this plugin. It works great! However, is there any way to display the button on single posts and the front page /only/ instead of everywhere? This plugin would be perfect then!

    Thanks again!

  24. Rob Kristie says:

    For some reason, the admin menu item for this plugin shows up for editors. I know this won’t cause too many people problems, but with the site I deal with we have over 50 editors (around 200 bloggers as well). Sometimes these editors play with things and screw up our settings.

    Is there a way to have this menu item only show for admins?


  25. Blog Tyrant says:


    Just added it to my blog. Notice that it counts more Tweets than the Tweet Meme one.

    Anyway, I’d really love a way to set it so that it appears on POSTS and HOMEPAGE but not PAGES.

    Can this be done?


  26. G says:


    I was using your plugin and it was working great. Two weeks ago, the tweet buttons all stopped counting the retweets and links that were posted on twitter. I had one post count 51 retweets, and there were definitely more tweets after and it stopped counting and stayed at 51, and every single post after that showed 0 tweet count even though people had retweeted the content. Can you tell me what’s wrong?

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