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December 2, 2012Android4 Comments

IPMSG is a Network Messenger which can be used to send messages, files or folders to other IPMSG peers in the network. The peers can either be Android phones, laptops or any other device which has IPMSG installed.



1. All the participating peers should have IPMSG installed. So if the Peer is an Android Device, you can install the IPMSG app from the Android  Play Store.

If it is a desktop device or a laptop or some other device, you can install any of these depending on the Operating System that you are using.

Platform Installation Link
Windows 32 Bit  Download
Windows 64 bit  Download
Mac  Download
GNOME2  Download
KDE  Download
Android  Install

2. All of the peers participating in messaging should be connected to the same network.

For example I have a Laptop running Windows 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S2.

So My Laptop is connected to the Wi-Fi Network “Home Wi-Fi” and My Galaxy SII is connected to the same Network.

ipmsg-network android-ipmsg-network




You can connect to Wireless Networks from within the app using the Create/Join/Disable Network button.Once it’s connected to a Wi-Fi Network, you will be notified on the Wireless Network Details Screen

ipmsg-network-android-application ipmsg-network-android-application-connected


In case, you don’t have a home Wi-Fi network, you can convert your Phone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot by using the “Create Network” Option. In that case you should connect your laptop to this Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Similarly incase you want to start messaging between two android devices and you don’t have an available Wi-Fi Network, then you can turn one into a hotspot(Create Network) and join this network from the other device(Join Network)


Tap the menu button to get the Settings Menu. Here you can change the Name and Device Name.

ipmsg-android-menu ipmsg-android-settings



Now if You want to start messaging, select the list of users from the list and compose.There you can compose your message, add files or folders as attachments and send it.


Share Action

Once this android app is installed, it will show up in the android Share Menu so that you can easily share photos and videos from your Gallery or File Manager.


This is my very first android app, and I would love your suggestions and feedback. I won’t be able to reply to your comments on Play Store. Please use this page to interact  and drop in your suggestions.

4 Responses to “IPMSG for Android”
  1. Joseph says:

    Good application. I tested device to device and works OK. Thanks for this and continue development.

  2. Edmund says:

    Thank you for your wonderful simple app. However, I’m facing a issue now where I cannot save an attached file. But I did receive the message and able to see the message and also the attached file. It is just that I couldn’t save it into my device.

    I wonder what’s preventing me from getting the file.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. tom says:

    man i love you ( im not homo :) ),
    your wonderful program make my life easier

  4. dpk24mt says:

    Its a very great application both for Windows and android. It’ll be great if we could send files in Windows through the ‘Send To’ option in the right click menu. It’ll ease up the things.

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