Music Sleep Timer for Android

Do you have the habit of listening to music before you sleep? Most of the music players don’t have an autoshut off/sleep feature. Music Sleep timer fills this gap and put all your music players to sleep after a pre-set number of minutes. It works with popular music players like Google Play Music,Poweramp etc. It

IPMSG for Android

IPMSG is a Network Messenger which can be used to send messages, files or folders to other IPMSG peers in the network. The peers can either be Android phones, laptops or any other device which has IPMSG installed. Perquisites 1. All the participating peers should have IPMSG installed. So if the Peer is an Android

New Facebook Like Button For WordPress

Facebook has rolled out an improved version of its like Button. The new Facebook like button looks like the compact Official Tweet Button. The Facebook Like button will show the no of likes your post received.The like button has some changes from the older version in the way the user is allowed to like

Tweet This Text Link For WordPress

Are you trying to add a Tweet This Text link to your WordPress blog? Then you have come to the right place. Some of you might feel that the Official Tweet Button is not fully Customizable and slows down your site by using JavaScript. To add the tweet link to your wordpress blog, Edit your